Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Everything is happening now!

Well, where do I start?
First things first. Since Australia Day last week I am officially an Aussie, no... wait... lets make this a proud Aussie. Here are some pictures of me taking the pledge and celebrating the happy occasion.

I am still working on my Aussie accent but I am not quite there yet (and probably never will).  And by the way I had a zip of Bundy but it was more for the picture effect ;-) I prefer a choc milk any day of the week ;-)

I also made some more stock for this Saturday's Kalamunda Market. I have made some hair elastics in 3 different sizes (small $3, medium $4 and big $5):
These are all covered buttons with an elastic attached. I cannot wait for my "mullet" to grow into long hair again so I can wear them. Anybody out there with some tips how to grow hair faster? Please let me know, I would appreciate it very much.

Then I started to sew some owl pictures on frames. The pictures are 50x50cm and would look very pretty in a nursery ($50).

And last but not least I made some book-/shoe-/anything-bags ($7):
So this it the latest CaRoo news for now. 
Don't forget this Saturday is Kalamunda Market, the weather will be stunning (not to say stinking) so come along for a break in the lovely Perth hills.
See you there.