Friday, February 3, 2012

Too many ideas, not enough time

My next markets are:

Saturday 4th February 2012: Kalamunda Market

Sunday 5th February 2012: Freo Growers Market at South Freo High,
Lefroy Road, Beaconsfield

I hope everybody had a realy good time over the holiday season and you all started well into 2012.
So much is always happening and before you know it it's already February and only 10 months to Christmas ;-) 

Soon I will have a week off work and then I hope to be able to tick off some of my projects on my to do list. That's the plan anyway.

These pictures are from Kings Park in Perth last Sunday. It was an absolutely lovely day and we should go there and enjoy the flowers more often.

Here also some pictures of my lastest sewing projects:
Once again I made some doorstops as they are very popular and very handy especially here in WA where it is windy as windy can be.

I have a new favourite fabric (until next time). Here I used it for beach bags. 

 And I found a new way to display my button hair ties. Finally they can be looked at with a good overview of all of them. It's kind of an addiction once you made one it's hard to stop (as you can see).

 Last but not least you know that you did something very special when a 46 year old male tells you that this is soooooooooooo very cute (OK it's my hubby but for those who know him this means it's cute alright). This is my display board for my button hair ties but I try to make a couple extra tonight (nightshift here I come!) to take to the markets on the weekendSo fingers crossed I won't fall asleep while I make them.

I wish  you all a very good weekend and for those from WA come out on the weekend and enjoy the cooler weather.

See you at the markets, Caroline