Friday, June 29, 2012

Growers Green Farmers Market 1st July 2012

The sun will be shining, it will be the perfect day for a Sunday morning at the market. Come along and join the fun.
See you there!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Smart Phone Covers

After I made the jump from a mobile that can send a SMS and make a call to one that does everything else I needed a funky cover for it. It turned out so cute that I decided to make some for my next market. They are lined with soft fleece to prevent your phone from scratches.

I was told that I sew so small things because I don't want to let go of my fabric. Maybe he's right ;-) today I will use bigger pieces and sew some more travel laundry and shoe bags. It's raining outside so it's the perfect day to spend inside.
Happy sewing everybody!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Yarn Bombing or Knitting Graffiti in Basel, Switzerland

Last year we went back to Switzerland for a holiday. On a warm summer evening we wanted to go to the river Rhine and have a picnic at the water. We sat down and then realized that we were surrounded by knitting ladies.
They asked us if we would like to join, so we did. They started the project of knitting around the Wettstein Bridge. While I was still on my holiday I knitted hours on a piece together with my girlfriend Sissi:

It was so much fun! Unfortunately I never took the time to knit one in Australia and send it back to them... 
Almost one year later their project is finished and on Saturday, 9th June 2012 (International Yarn Bombing Day) the bridge was covered with all the pieces.
Here is also a video of the whole bridge (at the end I spotted the piece we did!).

Here in Perth it started also but not in a big style (yet). On Google I found some very interesting pieces from all over the world:

Aren't they amazing? There is only one thing to do...

Have fun!  

What to do on a cold, rainy evening

The winter is in full swing, its cold and wet, puppy is sleeping on the couch and I feel like getting a little bit crafty.
Here is what I did yesterday:

1. Make sure you won't be interrupted  ;-)
2. Choose some of your favorite color samples (Thank's BUNNINGS!) and cut them into shapes
3. Stick them together with double sided tape and a thread.
4. Find a nice spot to hang your new garland 
5. Make one more and send one to a special person (my niece in Switzerland loves to get letters from me)
6. Go to bed with a warm water bottle and have sweet dreams.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Getting creative again after Puppy Break

Now I understand how "new Mums" feel. It's just so lovely to watch you new baby (or in my case puppy) to explore the world that all the other things have to wait. It gave me a break for a few weeks from sewing, which I probably needed anyway.
But while I was not making many things I had plenty of ideas which I now started putting into action.

A lot of my new items start with a need for myself. As we ended up with heaps of toys for Libby everywhere I needed a storage basket that looks modern and is practical. My storage basket is reversible and has a "blackboard" tag on one side. They are made to fit perfectly into the IKEA EXPEDIT bookcase. Wouldn't that be easy for little kids to clean up their mess at the end of a busy play day?

My other project was screenprinting and sewing appliques on baby clothes. I made a batch of them and already sold a few on my market days. I especially love the little love heart on their butt. I used the templates for the screenprints from the book "prints charming".

It was also my little nice's 1st Birthday in April. I made her a Swiss Tiger Bunny (This tiger print is very Swiss, all the kids my age had slippers made of it in the 1970's and now its coming back into fashion again). She was talking to the bunny, nobody knows what she meant but I am sure she told the bunny he could have some of her birthday cake ;-)

I am also a bit of a recycling freak and always look for ways to upcycle "rubbish". These lanterns are made from Moccona Coffee jars, just add a bit of wire and sew a fabric cover and voila, a cute little lantern is born.

I promise to keep my blog up to date more often again, now that Libby is a bit older. 
Wishing you all a fantastic weekend and keep beeing crafty!


Welcome Libby!

It's a long time since my last Blog. Here is the reason why: Libby!

I read in a book that who says money can't buy happiness never bought a puppy. I agree. How much love they give is amazing (OK it has to do with food as well but I don't mind). I bought Libby at 8 weeks of age and she was tiny, compared to now, 3 months later. I take her to puppy school and she learns how to behave. It doesn't always work but we get better at it every week.  
Here are some pictures of my "bundle of joy" ;-))

 This is Libby at 8 weeks. I forgot already how tiny she was.
 What a good girl! Sleeping while Mami is sewing.
She also came with me to my markets the last 2 months and she just loves the attention she gets all day. At the Freo market she always has heaps of fun because so many families bring their dogs along as well. She needed a nap after all the market excitement in Freo.

She came along for a holiday down South to Albany, Esperance and Kalgoorlie. She is the perfect beach dog. 

Libby is having fun on her 1st holiday. She travels very good and I can't wait to take her again. The beaches in Esperance are absolutely beautiful. I have a new favorite spot in WA!