Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Itching to be stitching

On the weekend I picked up the latest issue of Better Homes and Gardens and their new look at embroidery made me pick up the needle instantly.
I had a beautiful fabric panel in my stash that would just be perfect for this project. With a couple of extra screen prints and plenty of embroidery thread this is the end product:


Tuesday, July 17, 2012

NEW Park Street Markets Subiaco starts Sunday 22nd July 2012

The first market is scheduled for Sunday 22nd July between 11am—3pm.

The Park Street Markets are located on Rokeby Rd between Barker Rd & Bagot Rd and including Park St. Market times.

The market is being heavily promoted in the Western Suburbs papers and they will be giving away a diamond worth $5000 (to be set by a jeweller in a setting of the lucky winners choice ) as a draw card!

So come along and check out this new Market on Sunday.
Hope to see you there.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Beat the Winter Blues

Here they are... my bed buddies for cold nights. The cover (with zipper) can be removed for washing and heating the inner rice bag.
There are many to choose from for little boys and girls and not so little girls ;-)

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Kalamunda Market, Bed Buddy and Ribbon Collection

What a great weekend this was. On Saturday I went with my little helper Libby to the Kalamunda Market and instead of having the predicted shower or two there was sunshine and a crowd of people. Thanks everyone that came and visited me, it was so nice to catch up with some friends that I haven't seen in a very long time. Libby even received a present from Yolanda and Denia. How very sweet! Thanks!
Here by the way is a picture of Libby at the last Kalamunda Market (June). She met a new friend and doesn't seem very impressed by his size ;-)
Then I was lucky enough to get a sunny day last Wednesday so I screenprinted a little bit because it's so much fun. They look so good on my hoist, I needed to take a picture.

My market buddy Leonie (she sells stubby holders with bling at the Kalamunda Market)
told me I should make heat bags. Actually she told me a while ago and reminded me yesterday. And tadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa... here is my 1st one of my production line.
And to all you "new" sewers out there, this is an easy one for you to make.

I am going to call them bed buddies. They are filled with 1kg of rice and have an inside bag with the rice and an outside cover with a zipper. This way the cover can be washed. I tested it and it works well.
If you would like to make an easier option (without zipper) just cut a 100% cotton piece 20cm x 60cm, leave the cotton plain or decorate with a nice cotton ribbon or use different pieces to make it a patch work. Pin right sides together, sew along the edge and leave about 3cm open to fill the rice. Then handsew the open bit closed et voila, heat bag is done.
I heated the rice bag (without cover!) for twice 45 seconds in the microwave. After the 1st 45 seconds I took it out and shook it a bit before heating it for another 45 seconds. You can also use wheat or cherry pits for the filling.
These are glorious to use for aches and pains, or just to pamper yourself after a long, hard day–but be careful when removing from microwave and applying to the body. Shake the bag first, feel around and make sure it’s not too hot and won’t burn, especially when using on a child.
Careful: Make sure to never microwave the cover (with zipper) unless its content is full cotton. Set a cup of water along with the bag while heating to add moisture.
I will make some more (also smaller sizes) for my next markets in August and I will use some of my ribbon collection. I try also to make some boy-designs as it is always hard to find gifts for little boys and I get the question constantly at my market.
Here is a preview of my ribbons. I could sit there and stare at them all afternoon.

They all look so good it's hard to pick a favorite. Either way, it will keep me busy for a while.

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend too.
Blog to you soon again,