Saturday, March 26, 2011

Caroo 1st workshop

What a creative day it was. I enjoyed myself very much and the girls told me that they did too. We managed to make a bag, a purse with zipper, a doorstop and a plastic bag dispenser all in one day! I am so proud of you 2 (Corinna and Jo), well done!
Here are some pictures of us being busy and from all 3 of us (proud as) with the end products. I am looking forward to another workshop (next time I will organise it for a Sunday as some wanted to come along but had to work). 
I will let you know when I will be running another class.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

New job, new market and finally a Caroo sewing workshop

It's been 1,5 weeks now since I started my new job at IKEA as a Visual Merchandiser and let me tell you... its the best job I ever had! Happy, happy, happy is all I can say. So if you bump into me at IKEA I will now be  wearing a white T-shirt and very sexy blue pants ;-) but some things still remain the same:

Then I started a new market last month (was very last minute so I never had the chance to tell anyone). It's the Freo Growers Market at the South Fremantle Senior High School at 170 Lefroy Road in Fremantle. Its a weekly farmers market but the first Sunday of every month they also hold a craft market. Its on from 8am to 12pm this Sunday.
Kalamunda Market is also on this Saturday so it will be a full-on market weekend for me, can't wait for it.
This is an ad from when they first started the Growers Market (not sure if they still do the face painting).

Here a couple of pictures of my latest creations. As I have been selling all my door stops I had to produce a heap of them, the same goes for the covered-button-hair-elastics. I also started some small flat zipper-bags ages ago and finally finished them off.

Today I went investigating for a sewing room and I found one here in Forrestfield at the Woodlupine Community Centre. I booked a room for
Saturday, 26th March 2011 
from 10am to 4pm
I will be holding a sewing workshop where we will be sewing a big and small bag like this one:

If you want to learn how to sew please let me know via email as places are limited. I can book 4 people that will be using my sewing machines ($70) and 4 people that take their own sewing machines along ($50).

What will be provided by me:
instructions on how to get started, step-by-step instructions how to make the bags, pattern, 3 Overlocker machines (can be used by everyone), 4 Bernina Sewing machines (for people who book the workshop incl. sewing machine), tea/coffee/biscuits, sewing accessories like scissors, tape messure, pins and needles.

What you will have to bring along:
fabric, matching thread, 1 zipper and lunch (alternatively there is also MacDonald's, Subway, Wooly's and a bakery in 2 min. walking distance from the Community Centre). We will be having a 30 min. lunch break.

After you book the workshop I will let you know exactly how much fabric and zipper you need to get and how to get to the Woodlupine Community Centre.

This will be the first workshop, I plan to organise some more later and sew some different things like softies and maybe skirts depending on how much interest there is out there.

You will see once you take that first step it becomes easier and easier and soon you will be having the sewing bug just like I do.

I hope to hear from you or to see you at one of the markets on the weekend. Hope you all have a fantastic time.