Saturday, October 29, 2011

Pimp my ride and long weekend projects

Look out WA, there is a new bike in town!
After a great makeover from my lovely husband I am now proud owner of a toad stool bicycle. Yesterday I even got a bit ambitious and did the weekend shopping with it, but where there is a will there is a way.
This bike used to be a ugly champagne color bike in our neighbors shed, not anymore. Ian spent hours cleaning, painting and oiling it, "Thanks Ian, this is the best present ever!".

And how good are long weekends? Thanks to the queen we had Friday off and guess what I have been doing...

These Yoyo-Flower-Brooches look great on a boring jeans jacket or plain dress. I couldn't stop at one or two so I kept going and going and going... at eleven I had enough.

 I wanted to do some more canvas since quite some time and this weekend I finally did it. Meet the circus elephant Molly. I am sure they would look great in a kids room.
 Finally I have to show off my key rings. Also with them I just couldn't stop at a couple and kept going. Can you tell that I LOVE "Fliegenpilz" (German for toad stool and by the way its considered a "Glueckspilz" which means lucky mushroom).
This is it for now, I am going to make some strawberry/rhubarb muffins (the rhubarb is growing in our garden) to take to a BBQ this afternoon.
Have a fantastic start to the new week.