Friday, April 1, 2011

Markets on this weekend in Kalamunda and Freo

Can you believe it? Its already time again for another market (Saturday 2nd April in Kalamunda and Sunday 3rd at the East Freo Senior Highschool on Lefroy St). Time rushes by when you are having fun.

As you can read from my last blog the sewing workshop went well last Saturday. Then I was a bit ambitious with sewing heaps of stock... well it started off well with all my bunting and plastic bag storage bags but as usual it took longer than expected that's why I will be sewing some more tonight (sisters for my Easter Bunny). I also bought a Yoyo-Maker and let me tell you it's addictive. So far I used them for hairclips but I have some other ideas in mind.
Here are some of the pictures of what you can expect at the markets this weekend.

As the weather is just fine... grab your friends and get out there and enjoy summer as long as you can. I hope to see you at the markets. Have a fantastic weekend everyone.