Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Kalamunda Market 3rd December 2011 and Freo Growers Market 4th December 2011

For all those of you that don't live in WA I took some pictures from my last Kalamunda Market so you can see how my stall looks like.

 As usual it was a perfect day and I had lots of fun and met heaps of lovely people.

This year I was almost tempted to buy one of those artificial Christmas Trees, almost! But as our house is a tiny little one we would have to walk around it and probably not being able to see the TV from sitting down on the sofa. So I had a look trough some of my old German Magazines and voila I found a pretty little decoration which I was going to make instead. Here is the end product with a handmade wooden santa that we bought years ago in Finland when we spent Christmas there.

As you may guessed I was very busy so far to prepare for the upcoming markets. Here are some of my latest creations:

Some more travel laundry bags and shoe/book bags for all those travelers out there. The shoe bags are also perfect to hold these dozens of different cables and chargers that you need these days when you go on a holiday.

Then I saw the official iPad covers in a magazine and thought to myself how ugly they look. How can anybody with such a nice tablet store them is such a uncool cover? These look much better (my opinion) and are lined with fleece so the iPad is protected from scratches, dust and smudges.

Then look at my latest addition to the family! By the way... this pram used to be pushed around by me about 100 years ago... OK I am still not over the fact that I just turned 40 and I make a big drama about it. What I really should do it just keep quiet about it and pretend to be in my early 30's ;-)))

Look at this funky retro fabric! I collected all these Moccona Coffee Jars and always thought they are to good to go in the recycling bin. Don't they look great with their removable and washable fabric cover on? They can also be used in the kitchen for utensils and make a great decor.

This is it for now. I hope you can make it to one of the markets in December.
Have a fantastic time everybody and a hoppy Christmas.