Thursday, June 7, 2012

Welcome Libby!

It's a long time since my last Blog. Here is the reason why: Libby!

I read in a book that who says money can't buy happiness never bought a puppy. I agree. How much love they give is amazing (OK it has to do with food as well but I don't mind). I bought Libby at 8 weeks of age and she was tiny, compared to now, 3 months later. I take her to puppy school and she learns how to behave. It doesn't always work but we get better at it every week.  
Here are some pictures of my "bundle of joy" ;-))

 This is Libby at 8 weeks. I forgot already how tiny she was.
 What a good girl! Sleeping while Mami is sewing.
She also came with me to my markets the last 2 months and she just loves the attention she gets all day. At the Freo market she always has heaps of fun because so many families bring their dogs along as well. She needed a nap after all the market excitement in Freo.

She came along for a holiday down South to Albany, Esperance and Kalgoorlie. She is the perfect beach dog. 

Libby is having fun on her 1st holiday. She travels very good and I can't wait to take her again. The beaches in Esperance are absolutely beautiful. I have a new favorite spot in WA!

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