Sunday, November 28, 2010

Getting ready for Kalamunda Market on 4th December 2010

This is a wooden frame my father made for us girls when we were little and collecting all sorts of things. Now I use it for my sewing thread and as you can see I have heaps. I love the look of it and I love how it reminds me of my dad every time I look at it and let me tell you its so handy too!
Many people asked me at the market if I make baby slings and finally I can say "Yes!" They are (just like my bags) reversible and at the moment I have 3 different colours to choose from. I sell them for $35 and if you have a favourite fabric at home I can also make a special order (fabric needs to be 1.6m long).

My kids bags ($15) are very popular and I made heaps more for the next Kalamunda Market. Little girls love the babushka doll fabric and I am sure they would be happy to find such a bag in their Christmas stocking this year.
Just purchased this lovely Amy Butler fabric called Lotus. What a great pattern this is and doesn't it just look fab as a bag ($39)?
Crap... sorry I meant crab! With this shopping bag ($33) you can also make a good look at the beach. Did I already mention that I LOVE orange colour?

No, not to worry, we are not going to be the next Octuplet parents ;-)) sorry can't find how to spell this word, my 600-page dictionary only tells me how to spell octopus which is not quite the same. Anyway my sew sew sweet diaper cover pants ($16) are just perfect for a hot Aussie summer. They come in 3 different sizes: S (6-8kg), M (8-10kg) and L (10-12kg). Combined with a little singlet your little ones will look absolutely adorable.

I have a goose invasion at home and need to take them to the next market. They are low maintenance and I give them to a good home for $25 each.

Last but not least I made some more pencil cases or some use it as a makeup bag ($12). I use my German ribbons on them and they as well make a great stocking filler or Advent Calendar gift for Christmas.
I still have one more day of holiday, it just went to quick as usual. So I will be making some more bags until Friday night (also as usual).
Ian and I are having our 9th wedding anniversary today so we probably will have a nice dinner somewhere.
See you maybe on Saturday at the market. Have a nice day everybody. 

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  1. Happy Wedding Anniversary for yesterday :)
    We got some MORE new craft fabrics at work, another 2 Amy Butlers that you might like to create with! Luv the Babushka girls bags, 7 the goose softies are gorgeous :) I am going to post a link to you blog so everyone can see your fabulous stuff!
    Janelle xx