Wednesday, November 20, 2013

New stock for upcoming Christmas Markets

After being told many times to start making tablet beanbags (yes I mean you Robin) I finally did it!
My dear friend Kathrin sent me a Birthday present from Switzerland, a very cool sewing magazine and some fabrics. One project in the magazine was about making tablet beanbags. I adjusted the pattern a little bit and here is the result:

I made them in 2 sizes, for normal tablets and also a baby version. I think I might need a tablet now that I have the accessories for it ;-)


My sister Natalie also sent me some fabrics for my Birthday and some crafty magazines (don't you just love when they know what you like?). 
I used some of it to make more sleep-over drawstring bags as they all sold at the last market. They are just big enough for little girls essentials.

Love Olivia! These are pencil cases, inside they are lined with plastic coated polka dot fabric. They can also be used as make up bags for "big" girls.

I am very busy making some more Christmas decoration, you can see the picture of my popular button-nose-moose and birds in my previous post.

Need to go back to my BERNINA now, still heaps to do. Bye-bye for now.

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  1. I love seeing your creations and I'm always blown away by your talent and your creativity. Those tablet holders? OMG...genius...because super beautiful and most of plastic/rubber/metal/etc. I'm just looking at getting a tablet for my parents. Never saw a stand-thingy I liked. Love yours!! When are you going to the US? ;o) Maine is quite touristy and you could play a lot with the local animals/foods etc like Moose, blueberries, seagulls, pine cones, beach and maritime themes...and such things. Ok, to make it short: I'd be your best marketer if you ever come over here. :-)

    Do you remember I bought one of your (red 'Rotkaeppchen'-fabric) pencil cases, which I intended to give as a gift to friend's child? Umm, I actually couldn't give it away; I had to keep it for myself and it's in daily my makeup bag! Mine has jean-fabric inside (love it), but the plastic-coated fabric is also a great idea. Also the shopping bag is still in almost daily use and going strong. I get lots of compliments about it and people ask where I bought it. ;) Oh....I wish I was closer to come to your markets. I SO adore your stuff. Keep it up!

    Sending you a big hug from the other side of the world, Anja x