Wednesday, August 27, 2014

And then there was 3 and a perfect day

Let me introduce you to... Barney!
Barney is the latest addition to Libby's and my little family. 
He comes from Bunbury and needed a new loving home which we are so happy to give him. He settled in with the two of us just fine and we love him to bits.
Here some happy snaps of the very handsome and gentle boy:

Can you believe it? He actually has the same parents as Libby! I only found out afterwards when I checked the papers. This was meant to happen. Libby (2.5 years) and Barney (1.5 years) are getting along very well.

Today was a perfect day and I decided to take some pictures to share with you. Its the simple things that make us happy.

Sunshine, so I can hang the washing on my Hills Hoist in the backyard:

Picking some big lemons off the tree and make a mini lemon cake (that didn't last long by the way):

Enjoying the dogs, of course (instead of mowing the lawn):

Making a new dog bed and having it Barney-approved:

Sharing my sofa with my "babies":

And yes, I fit on that sofa as well, it's a bit tight but we love to snuggle ;-)

Hoping you enjoying your days as much as we do. 
Love from Caroline, Libby & Barney

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  1. Just a quick HELLO! I'm still enjoying stopping by here every now and then and reading what you are up to! Welcome Barney! He's very cute. Such a cool story about the same parents. :-) Oh that lemon cake look too yummy! I'm happy to see you are living such a beautiful and happy life, Caro(o). I often think about you....well, basically every time I throw your bag (still in PERFECT shape) over my shoulder for shopping or whenever someone asks me where I bought it. :-D

    Sending you a big hug from (currently) Germany xox