Thursday, June 2, 2011

Retro fabrics, Screen Printing, what else can I be hooked on?

Lately I cannot drive past a Secondhand Shop on my drive home from work without stopping there and searching for THE best fabric. As more and more women start sewing and selling their creations at markets I have the urge to use different materials. Just last week I found this fabulous skirt which by the way is about 3 sizes too small. Either I loose another 15kg, I alter it or maybe I will use the fabric for a bag, still undecided yet. The green bag is made from a vintage table cloth also found in an OP Shop.
And if one new addiction is not enough I started screen printing this week and I am already hooked. I printed some fabric panels and also tea towels with this absolutely pretty little kangaroo girl. Nothing is safe now and give me a few weeks and everything in our house will have a screen print added to it (including my hubby, the kangaroo will look great next to his existing tattoos).
I used the panels to make some cushion covers and I am just a little bit proud of the result ;-)
By the way, the tea towels are perfect to send overseas as a useful gift. They are flat and not heavy so the postage doesn't cost an arm and a leg. And if you want to make it personal just buy a textile marker (Spotlight) and write a message on it. Now there is an idea...

Last but not least I want to remind you that this Saturday, 4th June 2011,I will have my stall at the Kalamunda Market and on Sunday, 5th June 2011 you will find me at the East Freo Growers Market (Lefroy Street Senior High School). The weather will be sunny so lets get out there.
Have a fantastic weekend everybody!


  1. Caro :-)

    Ich glaube es sofort, dass du ihm ein Kängu-Girl verpasst hast, aber sicher nicht nur eines! hihihi...ein Barba würde sich sicher auch noch gut auf seinem H...machen ;-)
    cu sooooooo soon!!!!

  2. It all looks fantastic, see you tomorrow!
    Janelle xx