Thursday, May 30, 2013

Kalamunda Market and Growers Green Farmers Market this weekend

If you are looking to do something fun over the WA long weekend come along to one of the markets. You will find me at:

Saturday 1st June 2013: Kalamunda Market, stall no. 157
Sunday 2nd June 2013: Growers Green Farmers Market in Freo

I show you what I have been doing the last few weeks:

These "things" (I cannot decide what they are) are so much fun to make. I hope they will get many brothers and sisters soon.

Can you tell that this was still a Nutella jar yesterday morning? Now it has a new life as a pincushionbuttonjar.

And then another order. A lady bought a very similar cushion from me in Freo and asked for another one to match. I screen print the middle pattern on to the cushion.

My sister sent me an issue of Mollie Makes (a very cool craft magazine). It showed how to make stamps. I am very happy with those. The birds wing can be used as wing, rain drop or flower. I will need to make some more, it's addictive ;-) if I only could turn around the first picture... I tried...

That's me for now. Hope you are all having a great weekend ahead.

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