Monday, October 28, 2013

Sew busy for Christmas Markets

Last week I had to bring my beloved BERNINA to the shop. It just made a horrible noise and needed fixing. Turned out there was not much wrong with it and now it runs like new again.

I made some cute baby taggie/comforter for boys and girls. They have a super soft back and heaps of interesting ribbons to touch.

Then I was in the mood to make some softies again. I made the goose sisters as well as some vintage hip dogs. There are more to come and I am afraid that the blue dog will have to stay with me (sometimes I just cannot part from certain things, sorry).

And look at these foxy felt brooches! This was another project out a Mollies Makes magazine and yesterday while I was watching the X Factor finale I kept making foxes, they are very addictive and it's hard to decide which one looks best?

And of course I have to make heaps of Christmas decorations. As I sold almost all my moose and birds on the last market I had to create some more. And I added some paper baubles that can easily fold and be stored for next year, I made some blackboard hangers on which a personal message can be written. I also have a very few glass baubles with felt horns that look just really good on their own.
I kept it all in the same colors this year so it all matches. Ho ho ho!

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