Monday, October 28, 2013

Spring has arrived and some great buys

It has been a while since I posted my last blog. But that happens when life gets busy and I mean this in a good way.
I wanted to share some pictures of spring in WA with you:

The first picture was taken at Kings Park in Perth last week. It is a great time to explore all the native flowers (I have some at home to but I think they might just be weeds but they look good at least one a year when they flower). The other is a little bug that landed on my outdoor table. It was so tiny that you could hardly see its eyes but with my camera I took a close up and there you go, isn't it just super cute? 
And I am not the only one loving mushrooms, this cheeky snail wanted to have a lookout.

OK maybe there are to many of these but I bought a kaleidoscope and let me tell you, I have no trouble to lay on the sofa and stare trough it for hours. I held it in front of my mobile phone camera and kept taking pictures of it. It's addictive... 

Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuper cute!!!!!!
OK let me tell you, I will turn 42 very soon but I just can't go past something as cute as this suitcase. The shop assistant assured me that I am not to old to buy it (what else could she say?) so I had to have it.
The cups and saucers are from the local OP Shop and I love them! So retro and cool. I might plant some little flowers in them and have them sitting in the kitchen on the window ledge.

And talking about cool... look what I got! Jane Foster launched a book about having fun with vintage and retro fabrics and screen printing. I love her work, she is an absolute inspiration to me!
I preordered the book and last week it arrived, it felt like Christmas to me. So I had to try some of her prints out straight away on a tea towel. Ohhhh I love it. And by the way, the Jane Foster sausage dog softie is from a Mollie Makes magazine, every month they send the magazine out with a little something to make inside.

And last but not least some more pictures of Libby. I bought her a pig from IKEA and as you can see she loves it almost as much as I do ;-)
One of her favorite plays are still pulling the towel when I try to dry her paws after a wet walk. Isn't she lovely?
Just as I wrote "isn't she lovely?" she started barking at the back, that much for a lovely dog ;-)

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