Friday, September 14, 2012

Lunch Bags and Owls

I finally managed to buy some more Mexican Oilcloth. Love them, especially the green one with the cherries.
My sister bought me a Bernina walkingfoot made from Teflon so I can sew plastics, it came handy so many times, thanks Nati!
Here is my latest creation, lunch bags with a matching keyring (the keyring is made from the corners that I have to cut off the bags and because I cannot throw something so good away I found a use for them and made keyrings out of it). The bags are lined with a cute cotton fabric. 

Then it was time to make some more softies. I started with a nest full of owls. I wonder how long it takes them to fly off? I try to improve my design and these have a ribbon pompom around their eyes and 2 different sizes button eyes (and look very cute... that's a proud "mum" talking).


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